Sunday, June 14, 2009

cincinnati love - wussy

muscle cars by wussy
i'm in a rush and i want you to hear this ASAP, so i'll post more later.

try not listening to this 15 times a day.

enjoy please and of course, as always, go buy this shit.

"i could watch this city drown
from your everlasting arms"


the slow, chugging bassline which opens this song does not suggest the prettiness which follows.

i think that the best of many things exist as a living, breathing contradiction. you are presented with one thing, you get an expectation of what will follow, then you get something else. and maybe, not right away, but you end up loving that surprise.

on the other hand, who really cares or gives a shit about anything so straightforward? something may give you immediate, sugary, saccharine sweetness, but that shit never lasts.

i think that my favorite things evoke more than simply one happy, positive emotion. at least, my favorite songs do this. with this song you are first presented with a slow, sad, dirty sound. what seems like a funeral march, a slow motion dirge, turns eventually to a life affirming "fuck yes".

back to the beginning: slow, chugging bassline. then lisa's voice chimes in. her voice is nice but nothing is pretty yet. but motherfucking wait to you get to the chorus! chuck's echoing fits too perfectly. "its okay (its okay), pull me under (pull me under), all the way (all the way), all the way (all they way)", all the while still backed by that sludgy bassline. chuck's voice is distinctive, adding beautiful, melodic throat slitting power while not stealing the show. perfectly complimentary.

the song goes on for nearly five minutes. i smile and want to jump around and dance with a dumb smile plastered to my face.

i could not be more proud of having any other band come out of this city.

wussy: i promise that i will see you live as much as possible and buy and give away as many of your records as possible. thanks for the music. i'll see you around at skyline and i won't bug you about your lovely songs. unless i'm drunk enough.

{wussy have released three albums and one ep on the local "shake it" record label. buy them all. i promise it will be worth it.}



Heidi said...

I'm not listening to this song until there's a real blog post about it. That's a lie I already listened to it. But come on! I hate unfinished thoughts

Heidi said...

Thanks =) And I bet you did dance around, not just want to.