Saturday, June 27, 2009

fountain square

get the letter out by enon

faith/void by bill callahan

this is the second year that cincinati has hosted local indie rock bands on it's downtown city center, fountain square. it's quite fantastic. the music is free. 3 or 4 bands play usually play and beer and food isd available and this year some nationally known indie rock bands are headlining the event. on august 7th, the fiery furnaces are headlining. that is so weird. such an amazing, off putting band (by many people's standards) playing for free, publicly in this somewhat conservative city? what is happening?

well last night, another very good nationally known indie rock band played fountain square: enon. they are originally from nearby enon ohio. well, at least the main guy is. the cute japanese singer multi-instrutmentalist is from the orient. and the drummer is new. i don't know where he is from. enon now calls philladelphia home. before that they called nyc home. before that the main enon guy was in the way-ahead-of-its-time-band brainiac. i wasn't cool enough to know about them when they were around.

anyway, they were awesome and "get the letter out" has always been my favorite song by them. and it is so great that they played for free in downtown cincinnati. and the turnout was huge. the turnout is always good at these events, but i've never seen more people there than i did last night.

okay, i need to go get breakfast so i'll keep the rest of this short. this next song is, or at least my posting of it, not any commentary on god or faith. i'm posting it because it is simply beautiful. i've already posted "rococo zephyr" from bill callahan's sometimes i wish we were an eagle and i would love to post the whole album. it is flat out amazing from start to finish. so, regardless of what you think about god and shit, here is a song whose chorus is "it's time to put god away". not that we should ever take lyrics literally, but who knows what the song is really about. i believe that bill c is asked about this song in the avclub interview he did for the onion. search for it if you're interested.

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