Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mad Rush

i guess i'll write even though i'm sober. i'm not sure what to post. I'm currently listening to Mad Rush off of Philip Glass's Solo Piano album. I'm not sure which version the YouTube clip is from, but it's not the original, which is 3-4 minutes longer. This version is great though. The pianist chick from eighth blackbird did it live at last week's Music Now festival and it was beautiful.

actually, maybe the YouTube version is the original, with the last few minutes cut. this version does unfortunately end abruptly. i'll post the original song when I can find it.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

more reverb!

do you really want to know by papercuts
baby by clinic

i remember reading a review of a show where someone had yelled "more reverb!" at the artist. it was appropriate given the heavy reverb on the artist's records, but it was portrayed as a bad thing. maybe reverb is used to mask deficiencies, but i don't give a fuck about that. it sounds great, and i don't think it will make a shitty song sound good.

anyway, i've been loving this newer Papercuts album and this newer Clinic song. both seem to be lovingly drenched in the reverb and as i did yardwork today, i thought these songs should be shared.

mwah, you! wmah, life!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


municipality by real estate

sorry it's been so long, my loyal readers. it seems i haven't posted since i done had a kid. he's 27 now, so maybe i should get back to pleasing you with music.

i've been in love with Real Estate since i accidentally bought their first EP , thinking it was their first LP . both of those records are wonderful. and their new record, Days, is phenomenal.

in year end best songs lists "It's Real" has been the only song from listed from this album. that confounds the fuck out of me. i like that song, but it's kind of a Shins pop throwaway relative to the rest of the greatness on the record.

thus, i present to you, the hardest, ass kickingest song from Real Estate's new record.

Municipality. yes, a song with that name, kicks my fucking ass. it's not an obvious hammer to the head, but when the bass and eventually the piano appear in the song i can't help but kinda bang my head. ahhhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

machismo puff

you are the dark and
blue lips
by joseph arthur

and on the other side of the machismo spectrum:
by the big pink

i'm partially being lazy, but i think it would be nice if you were to listen before i blather on about these 3 songs.

bis spaeter

Saturday, August 29, 2009

i wanna be famous for falling in love

so damn pure
you saved my life
i went to the hospital
what isn't nature?
not the way

all from four different records by cass mccombs

this guy opened up for the walkmen a few weeks ago in covington and i'm kicking myself in that ass hard for not going to see him. he sounds nothing like the walkmen. and he doesn't sound like any of the other bands i love which have had cass open up for them: modest mouse and animal collective.

cass is a singer songwriter. that term used to make me immediately dislike a person before i even heard their music. so i hope it doesn't do the same for you with cass. it took a long time for me to decide which of his songs to post. so i guess i'll post two.

at this point i'm familiar with his older stuff, released in 2003 and 2004 i think. he just put out a new album this year. shit, i'll go ahead and post one from that album too.

his shit is beautiful. i would fuck this guy. fuck it i'm going to post like five songs or something. crazy. yeah. i've been obsessing over his first ep and lp, "not the way" and "A", respectively, but while writing this post i've been listening to his other albums, so i'll post some from them. i also found a rare interview of his. i'm getting even more obsessed.

the music is usually dark, i guess, but its very pretty. its usually not upbeat or happy, but it makes me really fucking happy. i think this motherfucker is a genius, as pitchfork alluded to years ago. shit.

i can't believe i didn't fucking go see him live. fuck.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

please don't float so fast...

we have a map of the piano by múm

from the sound of this song, you may be surprised that it reminds me of a time when i saw my wasted ex girlfriend make out with this cute chick at sudsy malones.

i suggest you listen to this on headphones. that's how i usually heard it when i was first falling in love with this song. walking around short vine, a relative shit hole part of town near the university. two disparate things. pretty and shitty. good combination. múm are from iceland. listening to "we have a map..." will make you think of iceland more than it will of dirty short vine.

what makes it even funnier is that before i saw ex making out with chick, i helped ex out of the sudsy bathroom, she was so drunk i had to walk her, supporting her with my arms in her pits and my legs staggering outside of hers so she wouldn't collapse. her new boyfriend and present hubby walked in on this scene. i can't blame him for thinking that we were making out in the bathroom. i think it helped him realize that i wasn't the problem once ex started making out with her hot friend right in front of us. i promptly left, wishing him luck on a menage a trois.

but yeah, this song. it really doesn't get going until 1 minute in. it builds nice and slowly. a languid bass line, a sample of a scratchy old record, and, uh, some clicking, start things off. by the way, my descriptions are amazing. the piano that appears sounds like was recorded in a frozen, empty warehouse. very much alone. all the melodic lines in this song are pretty simple, but when placed on top of each other its easy to get lost. its not a busy song at all, but it kind of forces you to daydream.

it makes very much sense to me that one of the girls from múm went on to mary one of the animal collective guys. blah blah blah

Monday, July 27, 2009

do not keep this secret

the orchids by califone

for most of the songs i post on this blog i tend to want to blather: "this song is so beautiful, you owe it to yourself to listen to it!". but that is not the case for all of the songs i post.

with that being said, "the orchids" is definitely one of those songs. it makes me want to sit and soak in its beauty. it doesn't make me want to sing along, it makes me want to stop.


i forget any worries. i'm immediately sucked in. the music and the melody are beautiful. then i listen to the lyrics. i knew that i was going to post this song two days ago. today i had a conversation about "the truth" and this song seems to obviously be about that. even more beautiful.

i often think that words, no matter how eloquently written (and i do not even begin to believe i would be able to write anything like that), will ever begin to express how wonderful i think these songs are and how they make me feel. i'm tempted to simply post the songs, not say shit, then let you listen and form your own opinions without me tainting them.

oops, too late.