Monday, June 8, 2009

that was alright by me

friendly advice by luna

i woke up in my brother's bed. still drunk. i walked back the 10 blocks to the southgate house, to my car. i haven't heard this song in years. but the melody and the lyrics were in my head "i had to be drunk just to look at your face; that was alright by me." the music is beautiful. i seem to say this shit all the time on this blog, but its true. this song is amazing. i hope that the infrequency of the updatedness of this blog helps you believe how fucking serious i am about loving these songs.

enough talking.

luna has great guitar solos generally, but this one is special. sterling morrison, of the velvet underground fame, plays here. wonderful.

enjoy please and of course, as always, go buy this shit.


Heidi said...

hmmm...I think the link isn't working. Still drunk when you posted it? =)I think I have this song somewhere, but you have to think of the masses.

matt said...

ha, thanks.

the link works now. i'm sorry that you were awake so early.

Heidi said...

You're welcome. And I forgive you. Not your fault, though, as it turns out...