Saturday, April 4, 2009

crying frat boys

else and
cary the zero by built to spill

shit, this stuff is so cathartic. built to spill make me very happy. they also can make me cry. doug martsch is the songwriter and lead guitarist of band. he is an indie rock guiar god, who lives with his wife and kid(s)? out in a small town in idaho. if you've seen the band live, you have heard doug say, in his adoringly chirpy high voice, "thanks. thanks a lot", after most songs. and he's sincere. doug martsch went bald on top at a pretty young age. and he usually has a big beard. he doesn't look or play the part of guitar rock god that many people consider him to be. and that sincerity, that absolute lack of pretension, makes his band's music that much more endearing.

he tends to write about emotions and the social situations that produce them. pretty novel, huh? well he does it in a way that is unlike most others. his lyrics are straightforward. shit, i'm just going to list all of the lyrics to these songs below. i've bolded my favorite lines. in both songs, especially "else", nearly each line packed with meaning. but this lyrical heft doesn't bog down the songs. the music is pretty and powerful. i sent the album that contains these songs, to my brother while he was attending Ohio University. he would throw this on at parties and even frat boys loved it.

one more thing. this lyric, from "carry the zero", in particular, floors me: "and you're so occupied with what other persons are occupied with and vice versa". that pretty much sums up what it feels like to lack self confidence. worrying about what others are thinking. while they are actually worrying the same thing about you. so let's stop wasting our time worrying about what others think, get on with our lives, and get happy.

one more thing again. the music in "carry the zero" so perfectly builds and climaxes right after the the final lyric and is followed by 2 more minutes of life affirming, mother fucking rock and roll.

alright, download these, enjoy, and cry:

Finally I don't mind
Worthless tries at finding something else
Best not talk too loud
You're not as smart as you require of them
Your body breaks
Your needs consume you forever
And with this lies the need to be here together

Funny thing with blood
You try to stand but neither leg's awake
Just this side of love
Is where you'll find the confidence not to continue

Your body breaks
Your needs consume you forever
And with this lies the need to be here together

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