Monday, March 30, 2009

that's moist uplifting

dry the rain by the beta band

this song was on the mixtape i gave my brother back in '99 or '00; the mixtape whose title inspired the name of this blog. [anyway

i didn't know how to react to 'the beta band' yet, before we listed to that mix, late late, really early in the morning. were the beta band complete, unoriginal hacks? or did they somehow incorporate their influences so fluidly and come up with a sound all of their own? my brother and i were rightly out of and in to it, and we both quietly, with big, dumb smiles, nodded along and shook our heads, rocking out as much as you can while sitting in chairs.

bla bla bla. this song is a sure winner; a slow burner, like animal collective's "my girls". don't fast-forward. you have to curb the AADD and listen straight through. a song this good demands that you listen to the whole thing. the first 3 minutes could warrant its own 21 minute song. but this song is 6 minutes long. the last half exponentially increases upon the quality of the first 3 mins.

in the movie high fidelity, this is the song that john cusack's character plays, right after he says: "I will now sell five copies of "The Three EPs" by The Beta Band." or does that make this song less cool? haha. enjoy

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