Saturday, March 21, 2009

uh rerrr er rerrrr uh rerrrrrrr

ginger by twin sister

this song climaxes immediately but the euphoria lingers. i wish my orgasms were like that (not the immediate part, ha ha, tee hee hee, ho hum, sigh. cry cry. uh, i mean the lingering part :)). the guitar volume quickly rises out of nowhere and culminates in a soft cymbal crash; the tone is set for the rest of the song: no pain and pleasantly woozy. this is the feeling of coming to, after being knocked out for surgery.

this song is part of twin sister's debut ep "vampires with dreaming kids", which is available free as a download from their website. the whole ep is really good. go get it. twin sister also have some mp3s of live songs at their site. they are not well recorded, but the recordings easily show that twin sister would probably be great live.

TWIN SISTER, PLEASE COME PLAY IN CINCINNATI! maybe at the northside tavern?

thanks to 'said the grammophone' for introducing me to this song and this band.

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twin said...

Hi Matt,

Thank you for the kind words! I actually lived in Cincinnati for 5 or so years while I was growing up. Montgomery County. As soon as we get our shit together and get ourselves a van, we'll do our best to come to Ohio. Is Bogart's still around?

- Dev, Twin Sister