Saturday, March 7, 2009

second best song of 2008

while you wait for the others by grizzly bear

you will not believe that this was recorded live. the sound is wonderful.

grizzly bear opened up for radiohead on some of radiohead's 2008 tour. i got to the show too late to see them, but i could hear this song, their encore that day, as i made my way through the parking lot. "while we wait for the others" will be on the new grizzly album to be released on may 26.

i very well may have listened to this more than "stardust and sentience" in the year 2008. it's not easy to say why i chose the high places song over this. it's probably because 'while you wait' is slightly darker, and more of a slow-burner.
not as ball-kickingly, ball-squeezingly pleasing as 'stardust'. which means this song may hold more long term a peal. xo

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