Saturday, April 25, 2009

night on the sun

night on the sun by modest mouse

i listened to this song over and over last year. it's about 10 years old, but i listened to it more over the last year than i had in all the years prior. i think it was so i could wallow in the beautiful sadness of the song, especially the guitar solo. had i not gotten dumped i don't think this song would have come back in to my life so hard. i played it over and over. especially that guitar solo. it's packed with emotion.

and redemption. this is a song of survival. now that i think of it, because of some of the lyrics, this song was probably a response to isaac brock's (singer/guitarist) ostracization after he was accused of date rape. he also caught a lot of shit for leaving the independent k records to sign with epic/sony. "Well there's one thing to know about this town, not a person doesn't want me underground."

anyway, give a listen. seven and a half minutes of pure bliss.

along with my friend larry R., i had the pleasure of seeing modest mouse perform this song twice in one night in a small club in minneapolis. modest mouse played an all ages early show, then a 21+ show. in between shows, isaac brock had gotten wasted, drinking whiskey at a bar next door. you could tell because he said so and slurred his in between song chatter. but you couldn't tell by his playing. i think they finished both shows with this song.

we tried to get the band to drink with us after the last show, but I think isaac simply responded "I don't want any beer".

buy the ep

onion interview with isaac brock circa 2004

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Heidi said...

I gave you a blog shout out on my blog, fyi. And I listened to this song (when you first posted it)and it is good for wallowing.