Tuesday, August 25, 2009

please don't float so fast...

we have a map of the piano by múm

from the sound of this song, you may be surprised that it reminds me of a time when i saw my wasted ex girlfriend make out with this cute chick at sudsy malones.

i suggest you listen to this on headphones. that's how i usually heard it when i was first falling in love with this song. walking around short vine, a relative shit hole part of town near the university. two disparate things. pretty and shitty. good combination. múm are from iceland. listening to "we have a map..." will make you think of iceland more than it will of dirty short vine.

what makes it even funnier is that before i saw ex making out with chick, i helped ex out of the sudsy bathroom, she was so drunk i had to walk her, supporting her with my arms in her pits and my legs staggering outside of hers so she wouldn't collapse. her new boyfriend and present hubby walked in on this scene. i can't blame him for thinking that we were making out in the bathroom. i think it helped him realize that i wasn't the problem once ex started making out with her hot friend right in front of us. i promptly left, wishing him luck on a menage a trois.

but yeah, this song. it really doesn't get going until 1 minute in. it builds nice and slowly. a languid bass line, a sample of a scratchy old record, and, uh, some clicking, start things off. by the way, my descriptions are amazing. the piano that appears sounds like was recorded in a frozen, empty warehouse. very much alone. all the melodic lines in this song are pretty simple, but when placed on top of each other its easy to get lost. its not a busy song at all, but it kind of forces you to daydream.

it makes very much sense to me that one of the girls from múm went on to mary one of the animal collective guys. blah blah blah

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