Saturday, August 29, 2009

i wanna be famous for falling in love

so damn pure
you saved my life
i went to the hospital
what isn't nature?
not the way

all from four different records by cass mccombs

this guy opened up for the walkmen a few weeks ago in covington and i'm kicking myself in that ass hard for not going to see him. he sounds nothing like the walkmen. and he doesn't sound like any of the other bands i love which have had cass open up for them: modest mouse and animal collective.

cass is a singer songwriter. that term used to make me immediately dislike a person before i even heard their music. so i hope it doesn't do the same for you with cass. it took a long time for me to decide which of his songs to post. so i guess i'll post two.

at this point i'm familiar with his older stuff, released in 2003 and 2004 i think. he just put out a new album this year. shit, i'll go ahead and post one from that album too.

his shit is beautiful. i would fuck this guy. fuck it i'm going to post like five songs or something. crazy. yeah. i've been obsessing over his first ep and lp, "not the way" and "A", respectively, but while writing this post i've been listening to his other albums, so i'll post some from them. i also found a rare interview of his. i'm getting even more obsessed.

the music is usually dark, i guess, but its very pretty. its usually not upbeat or happy, but it makes me really fucking happy. i think this motherfucker is a genius, as pitchfork alluded to years ago. shit.

i can't believe i didn't fucking go see him live. fuck.


Anonymous said...

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Aaron said...

eek. don't f that guy.