Thursday, June 5, 2008

8 years old shit


i've been really fucking lazy about this blog. i actually forgot about it since i last posted about npr including my suggested valentine's day song on their mix. i'm really poop intercoursing special.

since then i've sent links of mp3s to some long lost friends, of older (8yrs) songs i really liked and had played on the waif radio show. here are those links to these very good songs. i had bought the venerable nate church the 'beautiful place out in the country' ep by boards of canada. i bought it mainly based off of good reviews, without having heard the music. it took a year or two before i really heard the ep and fell in love with it. especially this song. it sounds like desert road electronica. no rush. it's going to take a long fucking time to get across texas, driving at night. might as well make it enjoyable.

in a beautiful place out in the country by boards of canada

the beta band song is rather different than, no never mind. it's similar to "beautiful place", with it's restrained beat. it's more awake though. and gets more psychedelic, during the anxiety ridden, orchestral, cinematic interludes. like the dawn breaking, still driving across texas, with the unwanted every-other-minute realization that the speed (or something else) is wearing off, but, thankfully and conversely, every-other-minute, slip back into that buzz.

thanks to ED D! for the beta band song. he put it on a mix for me many years ago.

it's not too beautiful by the beta band


Di said...

yo. why dont you do this more often? These songs are good.... Id like more.

matt said...

well, shit, i got this 2 months late.

i will try to do more di. i didn't know anyone was reading this shit.