Thursday, November 8, 2007

women and kitties

sick of your body by matthew shelton

i'm not intentionally keeping the first mp3 posts on here cincinnati-related, but that is how it's turned out. matthew shelton is prolly my favorite local musician. his lyrics are smart, touching and show a sense of humor. and his guitar playing is beautiful. his songs tend to be sad yet utterly life confirming. he's super fucking nice too.

this track comes from cold water, hot blood, a beautiful record he did with the now defunct women and kitties band. most of the band moved out of town. he's recorded another record with the band. let's hope that that motherfucker sees the light of day soon. women and kitties is also the name of an ongoing art project matt does. he paints, yes, women and kitties together. buy his stuff. he also makes really neat light box art. see that somewhere if you can. i really like those.

matt is playing this saturday at 8:00pm at the rohs street cafe with the the pomegranates who are also very good. the pomegranates sound a tad like a sober, happy modest mouse. holy shit, modest mouse has google ads on their page? jesus, what a bunch of bullshit. that looks like absolute shit. are they that desperate for money? maybe it was sony/epic's decision. fuckin a.

anyway, matt is great live. i especially like it when it's just him and a guitar. his band sounded good, but i prefer him solo. maybe he'll even bust out his mbira. the pomegranates are also excellent live. come on out and support them. and buy me a beer please.

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Heidi said...

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but "icky" is not a synonym for "awesome". And you should definitely take this guy home with you after the show on Saturday, because you are in love with him.