Wednesday, November 21, 2007

little kid, parents' records

colours by donovan.

when i thought about starting this blog, i knew i'd have to differentiate it from all the good mp3 blogs that already exist. the world doesn't need yet another blog posting and talking about "how great is this newest magnetic fields, hot chip, spankrock, etc. song?!"

so i thought about looking back at all the music i can remember hearing as a kid. from my earliest memories, through grade school and high school. i think it will be interesting, for me anyway, to see how what i listened to then, influenced what i like now. so, that is my intention for this blog. to post songs from my past, whether or not i enjoy them now, along with songs i currently enjoy. and i'd like to post mp3s from cincinnati groups to help support our lil' scene here.

'ridin in my car (car song)' is probably the earliest song i can remember hearing as a very young boy (besides the songs from my dad's band the modulators). but, i don't have a digital copy of the car song, so, instead, here is 'colours' by donovan. this a better donovan song, one which was actually written by him. perhaps this is one which you've already heard before. i played this lots on my college radio show, which was usually called "the reacharound".

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