Saturday, December 31, 2011


municipality by real estate

sorry it's been so long, my loyal readers. it seems i haven't posted since i done had a kid. he's 27 now, so maybe i should get back to pleasing you with music.

i've been in love with Real Estate since i accidentally bought their first EP , thinking it was their first LP . both of those records are wonderful. and their new record, Days, is phenomenal.

in year end best songs lists "It's Real" has been the only song from listed from this album. that confounds the fuck out of me. i like that song, but it's kind of a Shins pop throwaway relative to the rest of the greatness on the record.

thus, i present to you, the hardest, ass kickingest song from Real Estate's new record.

Municipality. yes, a song with that name, kicks my fucking ass. it's not an obvious hammer to the head, but when the bass and eventually the piano appear in the song i can't help but kinda bang my head. ahhhhhhhhh.

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Oyster Monkey said...

That's good. I've never heard of these guys. I'll have to get some more of their stuff.