Monday, February 4, 2008

favorite love songs

nothing matters when we're dancing by the magnetic fields

i've been listening to npr since i was a kid. the musical intros to all things considered and moring edition were etched in to my brain at an early age. i very much like their approach to national and global news. oddly enough though, over the years, this somewhat bookish and nerdy organization has been covering and exposing, some of my favorite musicians; often times well before the general public knew about the artists. one example is their earlyish, 1995?, piece about guided by voices. it isn't often that they'll focus on music, but when they do, npr usually is on to some pretty good shit.

anyway, npr has recently branched out further into the music world and offers some very neat music blogs and music related programs [npr music]. a recent post on the all songs considered blog posed the question: "what is your favorite love song?" i immediately thought of the magnetic fields. i had just made a mushy, gushy, over-the-top love mix for my girlfriend carol. so, i should have been able to quickly come up with an answer. i knew it was going to be a mag fields song, but which one? i unconciously knew the answer, but i had to go through the tracklist of 69 love songs, volume 1, to jog my memory. or, at least i like to think that i knew the answer. uhh, nevermind. fuck that. i was sort of embarrassed at my not knowing the answer to that quesiton right away. but who knows, that is such a hard thing (always, baby), to pinpoint: a favorite love song. most songs are love songs anyway, right? and to think that i could come up with a favorite song, at the drop of a hat, seems, well, well, actually, well water, wellwater, downright silly. so, i guess that i've convinced myself that i wasn't too embarrassed after all. thanks for your time.

this song is for ballsoutdumbstrucknothingischeeseylove. lonely, just you and your partner. partnhim partnher. i'm a genious,

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