Saturday, December 29, 2007

boys and girls singing songs

riding in my car (car song) by donovan

here is that song i mentioned a while ago. this is the first song i can remember hearing as a kid. granted, my memory is horrible, so i probably heard many other songs before this, but i can't remember them. that is either because my hippocampus hadn't formed yet, beause i drink too much beer which has erased some of my brain and/or i have genetically bad memory. my memory was bad well before i started drinking when i was 30.

back to the song. woody guthrie wrote this, but i'm quite positive that this donovan version is the one i heard as a genius little kid. both of my parents and my step ma had donovan records. i don't remember any woody guthrie records in the collection.

as i listened to this for the first time in many years, i noticed how much donovan's voice here sounds like mason jennings. mason is a singer songwriter guitar player. he's one of the many musicians singing bobby d songs in the wonderful movie i'm not there. he got his start playing all the twin cities like a madman. uhhh, more on him later. he deserves his own post.

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