Monday, November 5, 2007

some of the laughing people. . .

here is a track from wil-o-wee, one of my most beloved cincinnati artists. wil-o-wee are comprised of two very nice and talented guys. unfortunately they haven't been too busy with the band lately. they have not played out in a while and haven't released any music in years. wil-o-wee put this song out on a two track demo about 3 years ago. later that year they put out a limited amount of handmade ep cd-rs which included this track (i'm not sure if it was a different version).

to get the song, you have to click on the link which will bring up a new page. click on "Click here to start download.." (trust me, it's not that obvious) and save it from there. unfortunately you can not right-click the link below and select 'save target as..'. mediafire is a free file hosting service and one it's downdsides is that they inundate you with ads. i figure that this annoyance is worth it for now.

sandpaper eyes

the music here is relaxed, open and very pretty. and after a few listens, if you can pick out the lyrics, you'll find some beauty there too. [but don't listen to my bullshit, listen to it yourself]

if you like the song, please support the band. since they have no music for sale, you'll just have to see them live. whenever that happens. if they play live again, as wil-o-wee, or some other variation, i will let you know. they used to have a silly, bare-bones website, but i don't think it exists anymore.

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Aw, congratulations!